Monday, January 26, 2015

Social Media: Twitter and Facebook

This is just to alert my readers to the fact that I have taken the plunge into the world of social media, and set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for Idbury Prints. The Twitter feed will just feature a single image with minimal information: artist, title, medium, date. The Facebook page will feature the same image but with a brief, informal text about it. I'll also try to work out how to link the Facebook page to this blog, so that the longer, more considered pieces I post here should also go there.

Ludwig Heinrich von Jungnickel, Pantherkopf
Colour woodcut, 1916

This is the first image I chose for this new project, a really stunning colour woodblock print by one of the masters of the medium. It was published in 1916  in the Vienna art revue Die Graphischen Kunste. Jungnickel made two different versions of this print - this one with the white background, and a second one with an orange background. You can compare the two in the informative post on L. H. Jungnickel at Modern Printmakers.

I'm still intending to keep this blog up, and have quite a few posts in the works, but the simpler nature of Twitter and Facebook should enable me to communicate with more regularity. So if you like, please follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or even both.


Jane Librizzi said...

Neil, it sounds good for your print business but don't slight the more extended work. At the University where I work, the students are now demanding more quiet study space and they want books; they don't want e-books or I-pads because they are serious. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

Neil said...

That's wonderful to hear, Jane. I once went into the "Rare Books" room of an American University, only to discover no books, but serried ranks of computers. I'm certainly not giving up the blog, which will remain the forum for my modest contributions to art history.