Friday, January 20, 2017

New book on Emma Bormann

I would like to alert my readers to a new book on the neglected Austrian Expressionist artist Emma Bormann (1887-1974), by her grandson Andreas Johns, The Art of Emma Bormann, published by Ariadne Press in 2016.

Emma Bormann, Universität in Groningen
Woodcut, 1922

Emma Bormann's art was vibrant, and her life too was unusual. She travelled widely in Europe and Asia, and spent the years 1939-1950 in China. Later she lived in Tokyo and in Riverside, California, where she died.


Jane Librizzi said...

Neil, thanks for this. I looked around and found this link to an exhibition in San Francisco this past fall, inspired by this book. Her works in color look very nice indeed.

Neil said...

She was an interesting artist, not easily categorisable, and lived a very adventurous life for a woman of her time. Thanks for the link to the retrospective.